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Midwifery in moments.

Pregnancy advice and reassurance for every parent-to-be.

Who is Juno for?

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Juno is a mobile-based app to help guide parents-to-be throughout their pregnancy. Whether it’s a question or concern, Juno is ready to reassure and committed to connect mums to midwives when they need it most.

Meet our midwives.

Introducing Juno’s team of experienced midwives.


Juno comes complete with a range of features to support every parent-to-be. A secure messaging service, access to all previous conversations, complete management of your profile and an entire team of expert midwives are accessible in an instant.

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Quick advice.

After an easy sign up process, Juno’s team of midwives are readily available to give you reliable advice in no time.

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Personal profile.

Simply add pregnancy, medical and family history to create and manage a profile that’s unique to you.

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Expert guidance.

Juno’s network of midwives have a wealth of experience and expertise to guide you throughout your pregnancy journey.

In app midwifery chat thread

Friendly support.

We are always at hand to give attentive, personal and up-to-date support, from the comfort of your own home.

Get support.

Got a question? We would love to hear it. Head over to our support page for the right answers.