Meet our family.

Family means everything to us. Juno would be nothing without the community of midwives and paediatricians that help advise, support and reassure parents every day.

Introducing our wonderful GMC & MRCPCH registered paediatricians.

  • Dr. Shruti Jawahar ganatra Juno logo

    Dr. Shruti Jawahar Ganatra


    Consultant Paediatrician 
& Clinical lead at Juno

    • Uniquely dual qualified: 
Consultant Paediatrician and GP.

    • Experienced in all aspects of child health.

    • Passionate about transformation 
of healthcare and facilitating the 
delivery of exceptional quality of care.
  • Sylvester Juno logo

    Dr. Sylvester Gomes

    (MBBS, DCH MRCPCH MA (Med Ed))

    Paediatric Emergency Medicine Consultant

    • Expert in Paediatric Emergency Medicine.
    • Patient Safety Champion award winner.
    • Recognised for outstanding contribution and innovation in paediatric sepsis.
  • Sharryn Gardner Juno logo

    Dr. Sharryn Gardner


    Consultant in Paediatric Emergency Medicine

    • 25 years all round Paediatric experience (Emergency Dept & Clinics).
    • Winner of Compassion in Action Award.
    • Practice in wellness & illness with special interest in mental health wellness.
  • Victoria Juno logo

    Dr. Victoria Agunloye

    (BSc Hons, BM, MRCPCH)

    Senior Paediatric Registrar

    • Over 10 years of child healthcare experience.
    • A mother of two with an understanding of the balances required to raise a healthy child.
    • Specialist in child protection, Neonates and family life.
  • Kilali Ominu-Evbota Juno logo

    Dr. Kilali Ominu-Evbota

    (BSc, MBBS, FRCPCH, LLM Medical Law & ethics)

    Consultant Paediatrician

    • 12 years Paediatric experience.
    • Trained at Royal London Hospital and Great Ormond Street.
    • A special interest in ‘lumps and bumps’ Hematology, Oncology and Allergy.
  • Akash Deep Juno logo

    Dr. Akash Deep

    (FRCPCH, MD)

    Senior Consultant

    • Highly experienced in all paediatric conditions.
    • Medical advisor to the UK Sepsis Trust Executive Committee.
    • Director of Paediatric Intensive care at King’s College Hospital.
  • Alex Argyropoulos Juno logo

    Dr. Alex Argyropoulos

    (MD, MRCPCH)

    Senior Paediatric Registrar

    • Highly experienced in paediatric medicine.
    • Interest in paediatric emergency care and primary childcare.
    • Worked in some of the biggest London hospitals (King’s College, St Mary’s etc).
  • Richard Daniels Juno logo

    Dr. Richard Daniels

    (BSc Hons, MBBS, MRCPCH)

    Senior Paediatric Registrar

    • Experienced in all Newborn to Adolescent Paediatrics.
    • Interests in acute Paediatrics and the every day complaints.
    • Published on new models of healthcare; changing how child health operates in the future.
  • Maysara Abdelaziz Juno logo

    Dr. Maysara Abdelaziz


    Consultant Paediatrician

    • Over 30 years experience in Paediatric and child health.
    • Lecturer at University of Liverpool.
    • Special interest in epilepsy, cardiology and safeguarding.
  • Sofia Rapti Juno logo

    Dr. Sofia Rapti

    (MD, FRCPCH, RCPathME)

    Acute Consultant General 

    • Over 10 years’ experience in acute Paediatrics.
    • Passionate about Paediatric Emergency Medicine.
    • Wants to strive for accessible, high-quality specialised care for children everywhere.