Juno Retention Policy and your GDPR Rights.

We follow advice from both the  British Medical Association and the Department of Health about how long to keep your personal information. This is called a ‘retention period’.

To help us to improve our services to you we might also keep some information that doesn’t identify you directly.

Your informationHow long we keep it (its ‘retention period’)
Your health records including medical records, consultations with our clinicians and the profile information that you complete when you join the App. We keep your health records for ten years after your death or after you’ve permanently left the country.
We may keep your records longer if there are genetic implications for your family (taking advice from our clinicians).
Electronic patient records can’t be destroyed or deleted for the foreseeable future. They are exempt from the GDPR’s ‘right to be forgotten’.
Images that you send to usIf we keep your images (e.g., a photographs of a rash), they are kept in the same way as your medical records.
Communication with our support teams, including phone calls, emails and live chats1 year after you leave Juno App.
Maternity recordsWe keep your records for 25 years after the birth of your last child.

If you want to see any of this information whilst we have it (within our ‘retention period’), you can ask for it by emailing and we will acknowledge your request and provide it to you within the 30-day period stipulated by the UK data protection laws.