FAQs / How do I log in to Juno?

How do I log in to Juno?

It couldn’t be easier.

For IOS: after downloading the app, you have the option to either log in with your Apple ID or your phone number. 

Log in with your Apple ID: choose to login with your Apple ID and confirm it by either entering your password or use your Face ID or fingerprint.

Log in with your phone number: after adding your phone number you will receive a verification code – simply enter the code and you are all set.

For Android: after download, sign up with your phone number and you will receive a verification code to get started.

After that, you need to accept our Acceptable Use Policy and Privacy Policy before going on to enter your email address, name and home address. All this information is kept private and required to uphold the highest standard of safeguarding.

And that’s it. You are ready – let’s start your first conversation!