Parenting During COVID-19

5 tips to make parenthood easier.

By Juno

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5 Tips to make parenthood easier

COVID-19 has had a profound impact on every aspect of our lives: jobs, families, mental well-being and everything in between. For those with young children at home, parenting during COVID-19 has become a balancing act, magnifying the worries and pressure we put on ourselves as parents. As it turns out, there is no right answer or right way to be a parent during a global pandemic, just ways of making parenthood easier.

This blog has no intention to preach, but puts forward a few ideas that might be useful.

1. Speak to other parents

During such a severe isolation period brought on by COVID-19, it is so important to step out of your four walls and talk with other parents. Sharing your concerns and queries with other parents in a similar position is a great way to reduce stress, as well as a way of exchange tips on looking after your small child. 

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What are the rules now anyway!?

2. Keep up the routine

Now is not the time for crazy, experimental and new routines for your young one. Keeping a reliable routine is a great way of reading your child’s behaviour and having consistency to your day. However, in a household with multiple kids of different ages, holding a routine is almost impossible. Never be discouraged and keep things flexible.

3. Make time for yourself

Parenting is a physically and mentally draining experience unlike anything else. It is essential we prioritize our own time so we can rest and recharge. Whether it’s spending time on your own, or perhaps dipping back into a hobby you momentarily pushed aside, we need to take care of ourselves first to give the very best care for our young child.

4. Go outside

The constant changes in COVID restrictions can be hard to follow and sometimes overwhelming. What are the rules now anyway?! Going for a walk on your own or even as a family is a brilliant way to refresh your mind, get a little exercise and break the tedium of life under one roof. 

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5. Trust technology

With the emergence of the Medtech industry, there are now multiple ways to make parenthood easier than ever before. New and innovative apps like Juno are giving parents a helping hand with their child’s health. In a matter of minutes, Juno connects parents to highly qualified paediatricians to give guidance and put their minds at ease.

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