My Child Has A Rash & Other Google Searches

And other concerns we type in to Google.

By Robin Hill

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Parents, we’ve all been there: the constant crying, the ever-changing worries, the sleepless nights. What else could it be other than the emotionally unstable, insanity inducing (yet utterly adorable) life with your young child?

Image by Leonard Beck – Unsplash.

This is where technology enters the conversation
and makes a bold statement.

Becoming a parent is never easy. Every day brings a new challenge, a never seen before experience, or a question. Typing this query into Google is perhaps the easiest thing to do, but it isn’t the answer. All parents are looking for is a reliable and trustworthy professional giving the best possible guidance to put their mind at ease. If you go via the NHS, you might be waiting weeks to see a specialist paediatrician. Whilst if you go private, you will most definitely be paying the price. This is where technology enters the conversation and attempts to make a bold statement.

Juno is a brand new mobile app and specialist service that allows parents to ask questions about their child’s health to UK qualified paediatricians. It is designed with a secure messaging and image system that give parents the ease of sharing their concerns, when they need it most. With a network of highly skilled and expertly qualified paediatricians at your fingertips, it surely delivers a more reliable source of advice than Google’s search bar. It stands out from competitors as a unique, accessible and affordable way to get healthcare guidance for your child.

Say “goodbye” to long, arduous trips to your local GP. And say “hello” to the future.

Robin Hill

Message composition within Juno app.

As the Medtech industry continues to change the landscape of healthcare before us, with new patents rising in their thousands year upon year, we look to apps like Juno to become the norm. Say “goodbye” to long, arduous trips to your GP. And say “hello” to the future. It might be time to collate all those questions, concerns and worries, and finally get some sleep.

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