Meet Our Lead Midwife Hannah Harvey

We are happy to welcome reliability, experience and care to Juno’s midwifery service.

By Juno

Juno’s midwifery service is almost here to provide much needed pregnancy support and guidance for those that need it. And as we build to our awaited release, we want to celebrate those that will make our service so special – our midwives. We have assembled a team of highly experienced midwives to ensure that the information given is up-to-date, friendly and comforting. The very best in midwifery support. 

These midwives are our heroes and we want them to become a reliable source of reassurance for every single parent-to-be. We are happy to introduce Hannah Harvey as Juno’s Lead Midwife and a valuable member of Juno’s support service. What’s more, she is a mum-of-three (nearly four!) and has that grounded experience of being a mum first-hand. She perfectly encapsulates the hard working ethic of all Juno’s healthcare professionals and supports our aim to make specialist healthcare accessible for everyone.

My Background.

Hannah Harvey

“I have worked as a Midwife since 2011 in various roles including hospital and community settings. After 3 years as a caseload midwife, I realised how important it was for the women I was looking after to be able to reach me whenever they needed to.”

“I was on call for them 24/7 and having the knowledge that they could message me with any worries or concerns gave them full support in pregnancy and after birth with their newborns. They felt less anxious and had peace of mind throughout their journey into parenthood.“

“With this in mind, in 2016 I developed a service called Ask the Midwife. Users could use the app to contact a midwife whenever they wanted and it got so much amazing feedback. Juno is now relaunching an updated version of this and I am so excited to be a part of it and watch it grow.”

On Juno.

“There is so much conflicting advice available on the internet. ‘Dr Google’ being the worst to make you worry, unnecessarily sometimes. Being able to contact a midwife using the Juno app means you can get consistent medical advice to help you through one of the most important times in your life.”

“Juno is such a great resource for new parents and parents-to-be. It’s great to help alleviate anxieties and concerns at such an important time in your life. I believe Juno can work in close partnership with our health system and help relieve the strain on it.”

“I am honoured to be a part of it and so excited to be able to bring healthcare services into the 21st century with midwifery advice at the touch of a button.”

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