Lockdown 2.0 For Parents

Everything you need to know…and some things you don’t.

By Robin Hill


Here we are again. Like the most monotonous and tedious reoccurring dream you have ever had, we are back in lockdown. 

“Déjà Vu. I swear I’ve seen this before.”

Well the truth is – you have and you haven’t. Whilst there are a lot of similarities between this lockdown and the one we saw back in March, there are a few slight differences for parents, children and families across the UK. Here are the main differences between ‘Lockdown’ and the sequel ‘Lockdown: Part Two’.

So what’s different?

Schools stay open. Parents, throw your hands up in delight / praise! Schools, colleges and universities are going to remain open.

Just one friend. This time around, adults are able to meet up with a friend that isn’t part of a household, as long as it is in an outdoor public space. e.g. a park. Children under school age do not count towards the limit. 

Playgrounds won’t close. Playtime for kids is still on the agenda, with a heavy emphasis on social distancing of course.

Childcare can continue. Childminders can carry on working and ‘childcare bubbles’ will continue to be allowed.

And what’s the same?

More failed attempts at sourdough. That’s right! Just when you thought you wouldn’t have to look at that sourdough starter ever again…

Window watching. Peering out of your front window and wondering where people are going has become a pastime for everyone. We’re glad to see it return.

Plenty of procrastination. Don’t worry, there are an infinite number of blogs, memes and silly cat videos to keep people occupied for another month.

Wishful thinking. Before going to sleep every night, tell yourself that you will do things differently, but forget exactly what those things were the following morning.

But seriously, what have we learned since last time?

Stay active. Fresh air and a bit of exercise will do wonders for our children’s and our own mental health.

Self-care. Take some time just for you. We are all much better and more productive people when we allow ourselves to recharge.

Keep connected. Just because there’s another lockdown doesn’t mean we can’t stay in touch. Try to organise online playdates with friends and family.

Be healthy. During the first Lockdown, many parents were not able to book their children a doctor appointment or speak to a specialist directly. However, thanks to Juno – the child healthcare advice app – parents can now receive guidance from a GMC registered paediatrician, from the comfort of their own home. Parents will be able to get trustworthy and reliable help, without the stress of travelling to their GP.

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