Juno responds: Are more children being admitted to hospital with COVID-19?

The facts and expertise from Juno’s Clinical Lead Dr. Shruti.

By Juno

It’s hard to not be swallowed up by the constant barrage of headlines around the COVID-19 pandemic. Headlines like: ‘Are more children being admitted to hospital with COVID-19?’ are not just anxiety inducing, but a prime concern for parents across the country. Even the BBC recently published a story exploring whether COVID patients might be getting younger

But fear not, Juno is here to help. With the assistance of our Clinical Lead – Dr. Shruti – and our team of expert paediatricians, Juno is available to give parents all the facts around COVID-19 and the expertise they need for real reassurance.

Juno’s Clinical Lead, Dr. Shruti, explains:

“Despite the fact children are testing positive for COVID-19, they are usually well, or display symptoms in keeping with a mild viral illness. We are certainly not seeing more children being admitted with this virus at present.”

“As this pandemic has evolved we have seen an unusual syndrome which appears to be linked to this virus: Paediatric Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome temporally associated with COVID-19 (PIMS-TS). Reassuringly, this is very rare and can be treated.”

“The key messages are therefore:

+Do not panic. On the whole, children with COVID-19 do not become seriously unwell.

+Trust your parental instincts. If you are worried about your child, contact our highly-skilled team of specialists at Juno who will ensure your child’s health is our top priority.

+If you are concerned because your child looks very unwell, seek urgent medical attention.”

Professor Rusell Viner, President of The RCPCH (the Royal College of Child Health & Paediatrics) stated:

“Children’s wards are usually busy in winter. As of now we are not seeing significant pressure from COVID-19 in paediatrics across the UK. As cases in the community rise there will be a small increase in the number of children we see with COVID-19, but the overwhelming majority of children and young people have no symptoms or very mild illness only. The new variant appears to affect all ages and, as yet, we are not seeing any greater severity amongst children and young people.”

If you are ever concerned with the health or wellbeing of your child, Juno offers fast and reliable advice from an entire network of highly qualified paediatricians. With Juno, you are able to get a timely opinion from a paediatrician from the comfort of your own home. Whether you have a question or a concern, getting started and receiving advice couldn’t be easier.

If you are unsure on what action to take, you can refer to the RCPCH traffic light system for guidance. If your child’s health concern closely aligns with Green or Amber, Juno is ready to give reliable expertise. However, whilst Juno’s advice service is fast and convenient, parents should not hesitate to contact 999 if their child’s health is an emergency.

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