How Do The New COVID-19 Restrictions Affect Children?

New week. New guidelines. New questions.

By Robin Hill


Keeping up with COVID-19 in the UK seems to be an experience very similar to that of a ‘bucking bronco’. As soon you think you have a hold on the new rules and guidelines, you are suddenly flipped to the floor, discombobulated and completely lost. Whilst there are an infinite amount of questions floating around in the ether, we have decided to focus on how the latest measures will affect our children.

Are schools shutting again?

Keeping schools open is a priority for the government. In spite of the new COVID-19 rules and social distancing measures, shutting schools is very unlikely. Even if there was a second national lockdown, shutting schools would be a last resort. If a child at school tests positive for Coronavirus, they are told to self-isolate. What’s more, anyone that might have come into close contact with the child would also be advised to self-isolate. To this date, there has only been one school that has temporarily closed after an outbreak of COVID-19.

Does my child have to wear a face mask?

If your child is in primary school – no. 

If your child is year 7 or above – they will have to wear a face mask when not in class. Secondary school head teachers also have the power to introduce face masks for their pupils if they choose.

Can I book a doctor appointment for my child?

Parents have been struggling to book healthcare appointments for their children throughout COVID-19. Social distancing and an overloaded health system have restricted parents everywhere, making it increasingly hard to take care of our children’s health. However, Juno – a new child healthcare advice app – is now available to download on IOS or Android and is proving invaluable for parents, as well as our clustered health system. With Juno, it is now possible to get coherent and speedy advice on your child’s health from your phone. Each doctor is a highly qualified specialist paediatrician with vast experience working in child health. This healthcare innovation will help give parents the reassurance they need and also relieve some of the strain on hospitals and A&E.

Juno chats screen on device

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