Do Juno’s clinicians take mandatory annual training like within the NHS?

To the highest standards. We have strict policies and procedures in place as a company, but also for the expert Midwives and Paediatricians who work for Juno. All our midwives follow NICE guidance, as they would within their NHS employment, as well as follow our policies and guidelines. They also undertake mandatory training and assessments before being able to provide advice through the app. 

We have Lead Midwives and Paediatricians who conduct regular internal audits to ensure all advice given meets our high standards of care. We hold regular knowledge sharing sessions to enable us to work successfully as a multidisciplinary team. The way we work is no different to that of an NHS Trust. The only difference is that we are a remote working team and communicate using secure, encrypted platforms that are made and used in NHS trusts.

What kind of Quality Assurance do Juno have for their users?

Rest assured, we take clinical standards and the safety of every user incredibly seriously. We have a range of policies and procedures in place that have been designed by leading clinicians and industry experts. This ensures we give accurate and appropriate medical advice via Juno.

Our CQC registration is pending.

Do I need a midwife or a paediatrician?

It’s all about timing. Juno’s midwifery advice is for pregnant women and those with new-born babies (up to six weeks in age).

Meanwhile, our highly qualified paediatrician advice service is suitable for children of any age.

No matter what advice you are looking for, Juno only employs the most experienced healthcare professionals and are happy to point you in the right direction.

What does Juno treat?

We are the family healthcare app. That means Juno covers and advises on a huge variety of pregnancy and child healthcare concerns. Whether you have a question about pregnancy that keeps you up at night or your child is having a health issue, Juno’s network of highly qualified midwives and paediatricians are here to help.

If your child requires a physical assessment, our paediatricians can refer you to get the very best care possible.

Can Juno’s clinicians refer me to another specialist?

Yes they can. If our midwives or paediatricians feel that your child’s health would benefit, they can refer you to a private practitioner.

There are a number of specialists that excel in different categories. Whether it’s skin related, development, injury or infection, Juno is there to point you in the right direction and give the best possible guidance.

Look out for our notifications. Juno will send out messages when different Paediatric and midwifery specialists are on call. Meet some of our midwives and paediatricians now and find out more about the healthcare professionals leading Juno.

Can Juno provide prescriptions?

Not quite yet. Our midwives and paediatricians cannot prescribe any form of medication for your child. To get any prescriptions or medication you will need to ask your registered GP.

For the time being, Juno is an advice and support service for families seeking reliable guidance on their pregnancy or on their child’s health, whenever they need it.

Watch this space. Juno is planning to add a prescription service sometime in the future to make treatment more accessible for everyone.

Can I still use my GP if I download Juno?

Certainly. Juno is a specialist service when you need to quickly and reliably access a highly qualified healthcare professional. Your GP remains the same and you can still go for doctor appointments at your local surgery.

All Juno’s paediatricians are GMC & MRCPCH registered, whilst our midwives are all highly experienced and qualified. Find out more about Juno on our website here.

Am I talking to a real person on the Juno app?

Absolutely. 100%. Unlike other apps, when you start a conversation you will always be talking to one of our highly qualified medical specialists and never to a robot.

We want to make sure that your experience on Juno is authentic, giving you the personalised care you need. Our midwives and paediatricians will handle each conversation like a real-life consultation in a doctor’s office.

To learn more about our specialists qualifications click here.

How qualified are Juno’s midwives and paediatricians?

Fear not. Every Paediatrician on Juno is UK registered with the GMC (General Medical Council) and has MRCPCH (Membership of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health).

Our Midwifery team is also incredibly experienced with knowledge in a variety of expertise (home births, hypnobirth, etc) and work within an array of settings (community, hospital, private, etc).

At Juno, we only work with the highest level of specialists to ensure the very best support for all parents and parents-to-be.