What does Juno treat?

Juno covers and advises on a huge variety of child healthcare concerns. Whether your child is having trouble with their skin, development, behaviour, injury or infection, Juno’s network of highly qualified paediatricians are here to help.

If your child requires a physical assessment, our paediatricians can refer you to get the very best care possible.

Can Juno’s clinicians refer me to another specialist?

Yes they can. If our paediatricians feel that your child’s health would benefit, they can refer you to a private practitioner.

There are a number of specialists that excel in different categories. Whether it’s skin related, development, injury or infection, Juno is there to point you in the right direction and give the best possible guidance.

Look out for our notifications. Juno will send out messages when different Paediatric specialists are on call. Meet some of specialists and view their bio on our parents page.

Can Juno provide prescriptions?

Not yet. Our paediatricians cannot prescribe any form of medication for your child. To get any prescriptions or medication you will need to ask your GP.

For the time being, Juno is a second-opinion service for all the parents seeking reliable guidance and advice on their child’s health, whenever they need it.

Can I still use my GP if I download Juno?

Certainly. Juno acts as a specialist service when you need quick and reliable contact with a highly qualified child healthcare consultant. Your GP remains the same and you can still go for doctor appointments at your local surgery.

All Juno’s paediatricians meet the highest medical requirements, you can meet some of them on our parents page.

Am I talking to a real person on Juno?

Absolutely. 100%. Unlike other apps, when you start a conversation you will always be talking to one of our highly qualified medical specialist and never to a robot.

We want to make sure that your experience on Juno is authentic, giving you the personalised care you need. Our paediatricians will handle each conversation like a real-life consultation in a doctor’s office.

To learn more about their qualifications click here.

How qualified are the Paediatricians?

Fear not. All Paediatricians on Juno are UK registered with the GMC (General Medical Council) and have MRCPCH (Membership of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health).

We only work with highly trained paediatricians and all conversations will be taken or supervised by a Consultant paediatrician.