How do I cancel the free trial?

Effortlessly. To cancel your free trial head over to the settings on your device, then select “iTunes & App Store”. Tap on your Apple ID, select ”View Apple ID” and click “Subscriptions”. 

Find Juno in your subscriptions and tap on it, before clicking on “Cancel subscription”. Simply confirm your cancellation and your free trial is now cancelled.

How much does Juno cost?

We’re glad you asked. Juno offers a 14 day free trial to all of our users – we want to make sure you can test the app out and discover all the benefits before you commit to anything. 

When starting the 14-day free trial, you have the option to choose either a monthly or yearly subscription. When choosing the monthly subscription, you will be billed £9.99 per month, choosing the yearly subscription means you will be billed £49.99 per year – saving you over 58%!

You have the option to cancel your free trial at anytime during these 14 days and you won’t get charged anything. To learn how to cancel your free trial click here.