What does Juno treat?

Juno covers and advises on a huge variety of child healthcare concerns. Whether your child is having trouble with their skin, development, behaviour, injury or infection, Juno’s network of highly qualified paediatricians are here to help.

If your child requires a physical assessment, our paediatricians can refer you to get the very best care possible.

How do I start a conversation with a paediatrician?

Simple. After logging into Juno or opening the app, you will be able to directly start a conversation with a UK qualified paediatrician.

Tap the pink “Contact a specialist” button and choose the child you have a concern about or create a new children’s profile. You will then be able to describe your child’s symptoms or your concerns and add an image to it. Don’t worry, if you forget something you can always let the specialist know later in the conversation. 

After sending your enquiry, a specialist will join your private chat as soon as possible. You can leave the app while you are waiting and we will notify you as soon as the specialist is with you.

How do I create a profile for my child?

Easy-peasy. When starting a conversation with a paediatrician you are either able to select an existing child profile or create a new one.  

After tapping “Contact a specialist”, select your child’s gender before going on to enter their full name, date of birth, medical history and the name of their registered GP.

You are then able to enter your message to the paediatrician.

In case you want to edit your children’s profile or add more details to it, you can always come back to them anytime. Go to the profile section of the Juno app and select the profile you want to edit.

How do I log in to Juno?

It couldn’t be easier. After downloading the app, you will be able to create your personal profile. You have the option to either log in with your Apple ID or your phone number. 

Login with your Apple ID: choose to login with your Apple ID and confirm it by either entering your password or use your Face ID or fingerprint.

Login with your phone number: after adding your phone number you will receive a verification code – simply enter the code and you are all set.

After that, you need to accept our Acceptable Use Policy and Privacy Policy before going on to enter your email address, your name and your home address.

And that’s it. You are ready – let’s start your first conversation!

How do I download Juno?

Hurry! Juno is free to download on iOS for a limited time only.

Simply head over to the App Store and search for “Juno”, then click download. After the download is completed you will be able to open the app and begin creating your profile.