Sound the klaxon and stop the press! Midwifery advice is coming to Juno!

Recently we’ve been thinking hard about how to better help parents-to-be across the UK. Sometimes it can be difficult to find the right pregnancy advice, at the right time. But we want to change that. We are partnering up with Ask The Midwife to provide fast guidance for new mums throughout their pregnancy journey. 

Ask The Midwife’s Hannah Harvey (BSc) is joining Juno to ensure that the advice given is trustworthy, friendly and reassuring. With all her experience, she brings a team of expert midwives to be at hand when parents need them most.

What is Ask The Midwife?

In 2016, Hannah Harvey created Ask The Midwife as an online platform to give women access to midwifery advice whenever they needed it. Whether it was guidance during early pregnancy, or after birth with their newborn baby, Ask The Midwife aimed to bridge the gap with online interaction between midwives and women. Whilst having over 10 years experiences practising midwifery, Hannah is also a mum-of-three (and nearly four!). We couldn’t think of anyone better to help lead Juno, pass on her expertise and help parents with their questions or concerns.

At Juno, we are determined to continue Hannah’s endeavour to give reassurance, support and accurate and up-to-date information for every parent-to-be. We think that midwifery advice should be readily available at all times and if pregnant women are in any doubt, they can just ask Juno. Together, we hope to become a refuge of reliable guidance for parents throughout pregnancy and beyond. 

Hannah Harvey

Why midwifery matters.

During pregnancy, a midwife can’t be there all the time to answer your questions. There are always moments of doubt and worry over what is happening to your body and baby. We want midwifery advice to be easily accessible, delivered fast and unique for every user. Here are some key figures about midwifery and its use within the UK:

These statistics clearly show that adopting a midwifery service is a step in the right direction for healthcare. With the help of Ask The Midwife, we hope to meet the demands of midwifery advice and help as many pregnant parents as possible.

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School closures can be a nightmare for parents. Forget dealing with a global pandemic, now parents everywhere are asking themselves, ‘How do I educate my child?’, ‘How can I work with my kids at home?’, ‘How can I keep my kids healthy in lockdown?’ All fair questions – without too many answers. Every parent at some point needs a helping hand and a little inspiration to keep their children learning in isolation.  Here are some helpful tips to keep your kids preoccupied and happy whilst learning lessons at home.

Teaching At Home

Welcome back to your second term as a teacher. “Never again!” you shouted into your pillow when schools finally opened again. Alas here we are again, stuck at home and teaching our kids a lesson in…well…anything. Luckily this time around, the BBC are doubling their efforts by airing lessons on CBBC from January 11th. Not only that, but parents will still be able to peruse the BBC Bitesize website for interactive ways for children of all ages to learn from home.

Personalised Story Time

Story time can get a bit stale. “How many times has that tiger come for tea?!” Why not jazz up story time and put your child in the story itself with Wonderbly. There are a huge variety of stories for your children to inhabit on their website, giving bedtime stories a brand new personalised meaning. It’s a unique way to teach younger children the morals of stories and is definitely a special treat to distract them – at least for a little while.

Art Club For Children

As well as being the winner of Dave’s Best Joke of The Edinburgh Fringe 2019 and one of Sweden’s funniest comedians, Olaf Falafel is also an incredible illustrator and children’s author. During the first lockdown in 2020, he ran an Art Club for kids that proved immensely popular, inspiring kids of all ages to pick up a pencil and draw to their heart’s content. His brand of art is inventive and even touches on many famous artistic styles throughout time. You can check out all Olaf Falafel’s Art Club episodes and books right here.

Keeping Kids Healthy

Need access to a child health specialist but apprehensive to go to your local GP during Covid-19? Many parents are faced with the same anxiety. However, remote child healthcare is now here! Thanks to mobile app Juno, parents can now quickly and easily access a network of highly qualified paediatricians from the comfort of their own home. This app removes the arduous process of waiting weeks for an appointment and gives reassurance when parents need it the most. It has already garnered a hugely positive feedback from parents – just have a look at the most recent review:

“One of the best apps I have. I’m a new mum to twins and navigating an entire household of covid. This app has been nothing short of sanity saving. So reassuring, with detailed quick responses from caring and experienced paediatric consultants. Highly recommended.” – Hanfantasticxxx, 03/01/2021

Juno start a conversation screen on device

Download Juno now.

Sure, I was sceptical at first. ‘Instant access to a network of highly qualified child healthcare specialists from your phone’. Could that really be true? However, after trying Juno for myself I can now say I am no longer a sceptic, but a believer. That is why I created my own guide on how to use Juno.

Getting started couldn’t be easier. Juno is simple to use, reassures you every step of the way and directs you straight to great child health advice. Here is my step-by-step guide to help you get started on your own Juno journey.

Step 1 – Discovery & Download

I’m a part of a baby group on WhatsApp. We all became new mums around the same time so it’s a safe space for advice and tips on parenthood. One of the mums said her daughter was ill over the weekend and suggested an app called Juno helped her almost instantly. The whole idea sounded inspiring! I went on the App Store and downloaded Juno right away, not thinking I would have to use it any time soon.

“This app is just Brilliant!!! I honestly can’t recommend it enough. I contacted the paediatrician who came back to me within 5 mins and was very thorough and saved me a trip to A&E.” – Review by Wakelin88.

Step 2 – Signing Up

Sooner came much quicker than I thought, my son was poorly over the weekend and I couldn’t get a GP appointment until Monday. I suddenly remembered my friend using Juno, so I thought I would give it a try. Initially, I was a bit worried about giving my phone number and email to a company I didn’t know, I wasn’t in the market for spam. But I was reassured on every single screen about the legitimacy of the service and in just a minute I was signed up. Easy as that.

“My son had a cough and I contacted a doctor through this app. It was reassuring particularly now that getting an appointment with my GP is difficult.” – Review by SonsolesML.

Step 3 – Create your account

Before contacting a specialist, I had to create an account for my son. I was anticipating long and arduous documents to filter through, but the process couldn’t be easier. I filled in our current GP information, my son’s medical history and allergies and that was it. It wasn’t too long or short, but just the right information that made me feel secure. I was happy knowing the doctors had this information readily available when I talked to them.

“It’s a great alternative to visiting a GP or paediatrician. Juno is an easy way to speak to a specialist in a few minutes and online, which is particularly convenient and reassuring during Covid.” – Review by Paul Lehair

Step 4 – Asking a Specialist

After creating my son’s account, I was immediately offered to contact a specialist. I described my son’s symptoms, sent the message and waited for a response. I had no idea how long I would be waiting for, but I was cautiously optimistic. Only 5 minutes later, I was messaging a specialist paediatrician! Once the conversation had started, I tapped on their name to read their work history, bio and credentials. It was hugely comforting to know that I was speaking to a real person and not just a computer.

Step 5 – Reassured in moments

After a short discussion on the app, the doctor gave me some great advice and eased my concerns. What else can I say? Every part of Juno was incredibly easy, fast and reassuring. Given all the current restrictions with COVID, going into hospital isn’t very alluring or even feasible. Juno gave me a quick and reliable second opinion and saved me a trip to A&E. I hope this guide has been useful to help you get started and learn more about the brilliance of Juno!

“Highly recommend this app! When my son fell ill over the weekend and I was extremely concerned, I managed to speak with a paediatrician through Juno who responded within minutes with really helpful advice! Would definitely be using this again in the future!” Review by EC-Oscar6.

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Did you hear the one about Santa getting the sack this year? Yeah it’s a classic. But have you heard the one about Santa getting the vac-cine? We really hope he does.

It’s a massive understatement, but 2020 hasn’t exactly been the year everyone thought it would be. From schools shutting to local lockdowns, postponed weddings to life on furlough, it’s been a year to forget. However, like a plethora of famous movies, there is something about Christmas that rejuvenates the human spirit and somehow saves the day. With that profound sense of positivity in mind, here are plenty of ideas and inspiration to keep kids happy for Christmas 2020.

Santa’s Beard Advent Calendar

Whether you are trying to get your little ones to cut back on chocolate or looking for a wholesome homemade activity, then this is the gift that keeps giving. All you need is some colourful card, glue for sticking and a lot of cotton balls. Each day of December your child can glue another section of Santa’s fluffy beard to the paper, until his beard is as full as his belly. For more construction details on this unique and inventive take on an advent calendar, check out Capturing Parenthood.

Gingerbread House Competition

Is your gingerbread inedible? Is it more tough than tasty? Could it make an excellent substitute for concrete? Well you’re in luck. Bake up some of your indestructible gingerbread and make your own festive themed gingerbread houses with your children. Perhaps add in a competition element to give an extra incentive. Using plenty of icing as glue and sweets for decoration, make your gingerbread constructions look good enough to eat.

Christmas Movie Marathon

Is there anything better than getting cosy and watching a bunch of Christmas films? No, there isn’t. Here are just a few of the very best family Christmas films to watch in 2020 and where you can stream them:

It’s a Wonderful Life – An oldie but a goodie. This warm and life-affirming film is a quintessential Christmas classic that inspires redemption and faith in humanity. Watch on Amazon Prime for £3.49.

Home Alone – If a small child almost killing two burglars doesn’t get you in the mood for Christmas, I don’t know what will. Stream on Disney+ to witness the inventive art of (s)elf-defense.

Elf – Will Ferrel fits perfectly (ironically) in this must-see Christmas film. His child-like wonder paired with the cynicism of James Caan makes for hysterical and charming viewing. Pay £3.49 to watch on Amazon Prime.

The Snowman – Take flight into this wondrous and beautifully animated film, introduced by none other than David Bowie (which is quite strange upon reflection). Sing loud, party with Snowmen and watch anytime on All 4.

Klaus – When a mysterious old toymaker and reclusive postman join together to save Christmas it perfectly embodies the season spirit. It is time to get wrapped up in this excellent animated film, only on Netflix.

Write letters to the North Pole

When I was little I used to write a letter to Father Christmas every year. As well drafting up a list of demands, I also used to tell him about school, my dog’s name and the best thing I did that year (not sure why). My mum then used to put it in an envelope and put it near the fire so the smoke would send the letter to the North Pole. I have no idea why I thought this would work, but I was utterly convinced at the time. Make this fun and imaginative Christmas activity top of your wish list.

DIY Christmas Tree Decorations

Decorating the Christmas tree with a colourful array of ornaments, old and new, is a typical family tradition. This year, why not make a few chocolatey creations to hang on the tree? Simply find the right mould, melt chocolate with some string attached, wrap it up in colourful foil and you have your very own special tasty Christmas treat. 

Top Tip – use the mould from from an old box of chocolate or old advent calendar to get the perfect festive shapes.

Remember, if you need any guidance on your child’s health over the holiday period, don’t hesitate to contact Juno and chat to one of our paediatricians for reassurance in moments.

From the entire team at Juno, we wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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Does this sound familiar?

Expecting Parent – “I don’t believe in gadgets or technology. I’m going to bring up my baby the natural way.”

Parent of Four (laughing hysterically, non-stop, unapologetic) – “We’ll see.”

Turns out that babies are a lot of hard work. Who knew? Each unique bundle of joy comes with their own foibles, needs and aggravations. In these unquestionable times of doubt that surrounds us all, isn’t it time to make our lives easier, not harder? It’s time to give in to the plethora of technology laid before you to make your life easier, quicker and quieter. Whether it’s a product to help with your morning routine, an app to look after your baby’s health, or a gadget that keeps on entertaining, here are the 5 best bits of baby tech and gadgets to get you through 2020.

Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Machine

Sterilisation✔️ Filtration✔️ Temperature control✔️ Painfully convenient✔️

Tommee Tippee is a smart solution to a problem that plagues parents in the early hours of the morning. Simply load up the machine with formula and water and add in the correct setting for pure bottle perfect. After first shooting steam to sterilise the bottle, the filter removes any impurities from the water, before delivering the ideal temperature. All in under 2 minutes! It’s a no brainer for blurry-eyed parents everywhere.

£72 from Amazon 

Fridababy Windi Gas and Colic Reliever

Let’s talk about farts, baby. When it comes to timely and essential baby healthcare products, Fridababy has their finger on the pulse. Gas is a pain in the butt. Now you can relieve your little one’s strife with this handy tool called Windi. It’s safe, easy-to-use and transportable, so you are able to look after your baby’s tummy 24/7.

$15.99 at Frida Baby


This is the sort of baby-friendly product to help everyone sleep better at night. Gro-hush utilises babies’ love for white noise by reminding them of their innate sensation and pre stressful life in the womb. This portable speaker gently produces soothing white noise into your baby’s ears to help them relax and nod off. And hey, if it doesn’t work on them, it will probably work on you.

My Happy Planet Baby Wipes

Happy planet. Happy baby. Finally, we have a product that is sustainable and attempting to tackle the solution of non-recyclable baby wipes. Keep your conscience and baby’s bottom clean with these non-plastic, totally biodegradable wipes that you could even throw in your garden after use! Although we wouldn’t necessarily recommend that…

Juno – The Child Healthcare Advice App

Whether it’s keeping track of our money or tracking our way to work, apps are changing the way we live. New health innovation – Juno – has recently been released to help reduce parents’ anxieties about their child’s health. Thanks to Juno, you will be able to easily contact a highly qualified paediatrician (child doctor), straight from your phone without the hassle of travelling to your local GP. 

Download free for a limited time on IOS.

Here we are again. Like the most monotonous and tedious reoccurring dream you have ever had, we are back in lockdown. 

“Déjà Vu. I swear I’ve seen this before.”

Well the truth is – you have and you haven’t. Whilst there are a lot of similarities between this lockdown and the one we saw back in March, there are a few slight differences for parents, children and families across the UK. Here are the main differences between ‘Lockdown’ and the sequel ‘Lockdown: Part Two’.

So what’s different?

Schools stay open. Parents, throw your hands up in delight / praise! Schools, colleges and universities are going to remain open.

Just one friend. This time around, adults are able to meet up with a friend that isn’t part of a household, as long as it is in an outdoor public space. e.g. a park. Children under school age do not count towards the limit. 

Playgrounds won’t close. Playtime for kids is still on the agenda, with a heavy emphasis on social distancing of course.

Childcare can continue. Childminders can carry on working and ‘childcare bubbles’ will continue to be allowed.

And what’s the same?

More failed attempts at sourdough. That’s right! Just when you thought you wouldn’t have to look at that sourdough starter ever again…

Window watching. Peering out of your front window and wondering where people are going has become a pastime for everyone. We’re glad to see it return.

Plenty of procrastination. Don’t worry, there are an infinite number of blogs, memes and silly cat videos to keep people occupied for another month.

Wishful thinking. Before going to sleep every night, tell yourself that you will do things differently, but forget exactly what those things were the following morning.

But seriously, what have we learned since last time?

Stay active. Fresh air and a bit of exercise will do wonders for our children’s and our own mental health.

Self-care. Take some time just for you. We are all much better and more productive people when we allow ourselves to recharge.

Keep connected. Just because there’s another lockdown doesn’t mean we can’t stay in touch. Try to organise online playdates with friends and family.

Be healthy. During the first Lockdown, many parents were not able to book their children a doctor appointment or speak to a specialist directly. However, thanks to Juno – the child healthcare advice app – parents can now receive guidance from a GMC registered paediatrician, from the comfort of their own home. Parents will be able to get trustworthy and reliable help, without the stress of travelling to their GP.

Need any more inspiration? Check out our other blog Parenting During COVID-19: 5 tips to make parenthood easier.

Juno chats screen on device

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3 AM

You toss and turn in your bed to try and find that comfy spot (a space that has become far more elusive in recent weeks). You flip the pillow, but it makes no difference. Your mind races, leaping from one unfinished tangent to another, totally unable to switch off. Then you hear it. A whinge reverberates down the corridor. You hold your breath, hoping it goes away, but you hear the whinge again entreating into your bedroom. The subtlest of cries begins to transform into a full-blown tantrum and you realise all hope is lost. You decide to give up on sleep.

4 AM

Here you are again, hunched over, cradling your newborn in your arms. You stare lovingly at the being that has brought you so much joy, yet so many sleepless nights. You attempted to stem the flow of tears, but as they say, ‘there ain’t no rest for new parents’. The tears are one thing, but in truth, there has been much bigger worry plaguing your mind of late. A concern that keeps you up at night. A question about your baby’s health. Anxieties flush through you as you grab your phone and decide to quickly Google the problem.

Photo by Matheus Vinicius on Unsplash

5 AM

After an hour of non-stop searching, you are no closer to finding an answer. Instead, you are only gripped by a more intense anxiety and lost in a sea of misplaced views and advice from unknown sources. You squeeze the bridge of your nose with your fingers and feel the pain behind your eyes. You try to remain calm, but your adorable baby is still whinging and moaning. ‘Enough is enough,’ you decide. You will call your local GP when they open and put your worries, and hopefully yourself, to bed.

6 AM

You realise it’s Sunday. ‘F@*#’.

8 AM

As soon as the clock, which you’re pretty sure is running slow, strikes 8 AM you call your local GP. Hold. Hold. Hold. Hang up, try again. Hold. Hold. You’re through! On the coldest of mornings, the receptionist’s voice is warming and assuring, but you can’t get an appointment for a couple of days. ‘Great. Another couple of sleepless nights for me.’

Photo by mikoto.raw from Pexels

9 AM

Buzz-Buzz. Your phone vibrates with a start, almost as if it were surprised itself. Your friend, another new parent, has sent a link…

Juno. The child healthcare advice app.

Your head feels fuzzy, perhaps slightly delirious from lack of sleep. ‘Why not!’, you yell within your own head (remembering that you are trying to get your baby to sleep). After signing up with ease, you are able to contact a specialist paediatrician. You describe the spots on your baby’s face and send a picture to go with it. ‘Is this really going to work?’ you ask yourself.

Juno start a conversation screen on device
Message composition within the Juno app.

9.15 AM

The kettle boiled, tea is brewed and before you know it – a notification pops up on your phone. One of Juno’s child healthcare specialists has got back to you.

The tone is reassuring, the advice is clear and a wave of calm rushes over you. The relief is palpable as the worries, which clung to you only 10 minutes before, subside into nothingness. 

You type, ‘Thank you.’

The doctor replies, ‘You’re welcome. Let us know if anything changes’.

Photo by Simon Berger on Unsplash

9.30 AM

And like some sort of magic elixir, you and your baby are fast asleep. The weight of the world lifted off your shoulders. The tea you made is over-brewed and will no doubt go to waste, but who cares.

Download Juno now.

As if COVID-19 wasn’t scary enough! Now Halloween is just around the corner, trick or treating its way towards us. For many children, Halloween is a chance for monstrously dreadful costumes, an unholy amount of sweets and plenty of mischief. However, with the continued concerns over COVID-19 and local lockdowns across the country, outdoor activities are limited and some say Halloween is off.

But we say, “BOO!”

Here are 5 ideas and activities to make your kids lockdown Halloween spookier than ever!

1. Virtual Costume Party

Fear not! Dressing up and costumes are still high on the agenda this Halloween. Create a virtual costume party with other parents over Zoom (other video chat services are available) and let your kids show off their spooky attire. Need ideas for costumes? Don’t worry we’ve got you covered:

Classic – Cut a couple of holes in an old white sheet and voilà! You have your very own pint-sized poltergeist.

Creative – Got any big Amazon boxes lying around? Draw a creepy haunted house on the side of it with your child and turn it into a costume.

Current – Grab yourself a silly blond wig (the more ruffled the better), any child-sized suit (the more ill-fitting the better) and you have yourself an absolutely terrifying Boris Johnson.

2. Trick or Treat Treasure Hunt

If you’re stuck in the house, local lockdown or not, why not create your own scary treasure trail for your children. Write up some clues and get your kids scrambling round the house for special treats. But don’t make it too easy, add some tricks into the hunt as well to add an extra scare. e.g. peeled grapes = eyeballs, or jelly = brains.

3. Make Healthy Halloween Snacks

Just because it’s Halloween – doesn’t mean it has to be unhealthy. Our top tip is to make a healthy, yet creepy, snack with your kids before they attempt to gorge themselves on sweets. Here is a recipe we found that has high nutritional value, but still has a healthy dose of spookiness.

Monster Teeth Recipe


4 Granny Smith apples, cut into 8 sections each.

1 cup natural smooth organic peanut butter.

1 cup of yoghurt covered goji berries or mini marshmallows.

1 Tbsp. lemon juice.

For the lips: Section each apple and then drip over lemon juice to prevent browning. 

For the gums: Spread about 1 tsp. of peanut butter on each slice. Be generous as this is the glue that keeps it all together.

For the teeth: Stick 4 or 6 yogurt-covered berries or mini marshmallows on an angle in the peanut butter, then place a second peanut butter apple slice on top.

Cool for 1 hour in the refrigerator before serving.

4. Host a Scary Movie Marathon

Pile all the duvets onto the sofa, break open the sweet & salty popcorn and get ready for a Halloween movie marathon to remember. No matter what kind of home streaming services you have, there are so many Halloween movies just waiting to be binged. Need a few pointers? Here are a few suggestions for spine-tingling, hair-raising and child-friendly Halloween movies:

The Nightmare Before Christmas – The classic, must-watch, animated spectacular for absolutely everyone. Watch now on Disney Plus.

Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of The Were-Rabbit – Nothing quite compares to a Wallace & Gromit adventure. Watch this super slapstick child favourite on Netflix.

Goosebumps – No not the archaic old TV series, but the spookily silly adventure starring Jack Black. Get the creeps and watch on Netflix.

Coco – Pixar knows how to tell a story. Coco is a colourful, funny and incredibly touching ode to family. Watch now on Disney Plus.

5. Pumpkin Carving

You can’t beat a classic. Whatever the state of the world, you can always rely on carving yourself a Jack-o’-Lantern for Halloween. Whether it’s scary, silly or just plain funny, pumpkin carving is the quintessential Halloween activity. While the internet is awash with unbelievable designs, I found that sometimes all you need is a simple sharpie to bring your creation to life. Check out mine below.

Happy Halloween from everyone at Juno!

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Dr. Fathima Mahomed is a specialist Paediatrician with 24 years experience working in child health. As well as being a Consultant General Paediatrician at The Portland Hospital in Central London, she has also taken an unpaid role at NHS 111. Prior to this, she has 10 years of NHS Consultant experience and trained in London.

I come from a very big family of medics and I was the rebel who wanted to become an accountant. My GCSEs were all on the commercial side: marketing, accounting, economics and business. But by the end of my GCSEs, although I did very well, I was bored out of my mind. I went to my dad and told him, “Dad, you were right, I am really bored. I don’t know what to do.” And then he said, “I told you, you don’t have the mind of an accountant. You are a doctor.” So for my A-levels, I started doing sciences and then the rest is history – I became a doctor. Coming from a very big family with a lot of children, lots of cousins, lots of aunts and uncles, I think Paediatrics is just something I was always going to end up in.

Even after being a specialist Paediatrician for nearly twenty five years, I still find that the main complaint I get from patients is, “People don’t listen to me, doctor”. One of the reasons parents consult doctors is because they need a listening ear, reassurance and help. Most parents are grateful that their concerns are being listened to. Even if their child is completely well, as Paediatricians, we need to be there for them. They just need to hear that their child is OK. That’s what we all want to hear. Parents are rarely wrong.

Photo by Macau Photo Agency on Unsplash

Juno is definitely the way forward for anxious parents and children.

But in the UK, the reality is that it’s really difficult to access a Paediatrician because of our health system. Paediatrics is undersubscribed and specialists are usually locked away until there’s an emergency or if somebody pays really large amounts of money to see them privately. But that’s where Juno comes in.

There are so many aspects of Juno that are amazing to me. The fact that you have got somebody quite senior who will listen and give you an answer to your anxiety very quickly, is excellent. Parents can finally say, “You know what? I don’t need to wait six hours until somebody answers this email or to get an appointment”. That is what the whole app is about. As a Paediatrician, you can either say their concern is nothing to worry about, or if they need it, recommend they go to a face-to-face appointment with a GP, urgent care or to a hospital A&E department. There are not always Paediatricians or somebody who understands child health in every A&E, so Juno is definitely the way forward for anxious parents and children. If the child is not incredibly unwell and doesn’t need to see a doctor – Juno is the perfect antidote. Those parents will get a response and reassurance in minutes.

Photo by NordWood Themes on Unsplash

In life, change is one of the only constants we have. Everything will change. Juno seems to be the way forward and we should allow it to change child healthcare and the world for the better.

Download Juno now.

Keeping up with COVID-19 in the UK seems to be an experience very similar to that of a ‘bucking bronco’. As soon you think you have a hold on the new rules and guidelines, you are suddenly flipped to the floor, discombobulated and completely lost. Whilst there are an infinite amount of questions floating around in the ether, we have decided to focus on how the latest measures will affect our children.

Are schools shutting again?

Keeping schools open is a priority for the government. In spite of the new COVID-19 rules and social distancing measures, shutting schools is very unlikely. Even if there was a second national lockdown, shutting schools would be a last resort. If a child at school tests positive for Coronavirus, they are told to self-isolate. What’s more, anyone that might have come into close contact with the child would also be advised to self-isolate. To this date, there has only been one school that has temporarily closed after an outbreak of COVID-19.

Does my child have to wear a face mask?

If your child is in primary school – no. 

If your child is year 7 or above – they will have to wear a face mask when not in class. Secondary school head teachers also have the power to introduce face masks for their pupils if they choose.

Can I book a doctor appointment for my child?

Parents have been struggling to book healthcare appointments for their children throughout COVID-19. Social distancing and an overloaded health system have restricted parents everywhere, making it increasingly hard to take care of our children’s health. However, Juno – a new child healthcare advice app – is now available to download on IOS and is proving invaluable for parents, as well as our clustered health system. With Juno, it is now possible to get coherent and speedy advice on your child’s health from your phone. Each doctor is a highly qualified specialist paediatrician with vast experience working in child health. This healthcare innovation will help give parents the reassurance they need and also relieve some of the strain on hospitals and A&E.

Juno chats screen on device

Want to know more about Juno? Just visit the website and explore all the benefits for yourself.

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