Does this sound familiar?

Expecting Parent – “I don’t believe in gadgets or technology. I’m going to bring up my baby the natural way.”

Parent of Four (laughing hysterically, non-stop, unapologetic) – “We’ll see.”

Turns out that babies are a lot of hard work. Who knew? Each unique bundle of joy comes with their own foibles, needs and aggravations. In these unquestionable times of doubt that surrounds us all, isn’t it time to make our lives easier, not harder? It’s time to give in to the plethora of technology laid before you to make your life easier, quicker and quieter. Whether it’s a product to help with your morning routine, an app to look after your baby’s health, or a gadget that keeps on entertaining, here are the 5 best bits of baby tech and gadgets to get you through 2020.

Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Machine

Sterilisation✔️ Filtration✔️ Temperature control✔️ Painfully convenient✔️

Tommee Tippee is a smart solution to a problem that plagues parents in the early hours of the morning. Simply load up the machine with formula and water and add in the correct setting for pure bottle perfect. After first shooting steam to sterilise the bottle, the filter removes any impurities from the water, before delivering the ideal temperature. All in under 2 minutes! It’s a no brainer for blurry-eyed parents everywhere.

£72 from Amazon 

Fridababy Windi Gas and Colic Reliever

Let’s talk about farts, baby. When it comes to timely and essential baby healthcare products, Fridababy has their finger on the pulse. Gas is a pain in the butt. Now you can relieve your little one’s strife with this handy tool called Windi. It’s safe, easy-to-use and transportable, so you are able to look after your baby’s tummy 24/7.

$15.99 at Frida Baby


This is the sort of baby-friendly product to help everyone sleep better at night. Gro-hush utilises babies’ love for white noise by reminding them of their innate sensation and pre stressful life in the womb. This portable speaker gently produces soothing white noise into your baby’s ears to help them relax and nod off. And hey, if it doesn’t work on them, it will probably work on you.

My Happy Planet Baby Wipes

Happy planet. Happy baby. Finally, we have a product that is sustainable and attempting to tackle the solution of non-recyclable baby wipes. Keep your conscience and baby’s bottom clean with these non-plastic, totally biodegradable wipes that you could even throw in your garden after use! Although we wouldn’t necessarily recommend that…

Juno – The Child Healthcare Advice App

Whether it’s keeping track of our money or tracking our way to work, apps are changing the way we live. New health innovation – Juno – has recently been released to help reduce parents’ anxieties about their child’s health. Thanks to Juno, you will be able to easily contact a highly qualified paediatrician (child doctor), straight from your phone without the hassle of travelling to your local GP. 

Download free for a limited time on IOS.

The latest app every parent needs

It may sound trite, but the world we lived in 9 months ago is totally different from the one we live in now. So before we all start shouting COVID at our screens, curling up in the fetal position and crying ourselves to sleep, let’s consider what else is shaping the world before us. 

Welcome to Medtech, an industry with an unquenchable thirst for growth. With over 10,000 patents a year, it is a bustling, competitive and vital part of our world – changing the way in which we live. But hang on…

What is Medtech?

Medtech (Medical Technologies) are products, services or solutions used to save or improve people’s lives. It is healthcare innovations connected to us through technology. Simply, it is the future of health.

And what is Juno?

Juno is a mobile-based, specialist service that enables parents to ask questions about their child’s health, when they need it most. It is designed to help stressed and exhausted parents everywhere by giving the best advice from highly qualified medical professionals. Think of it like a paediatrician in your pocket.

Why is Juno important?

Juno was born out of the inconsistencies and flaws in our healthcare system. If your child has a rash on their leg, it might take weeks through the NHS to see a specialist paediatrician. If you are part of a private healthcare system, seeing a paediatrician is quicker but it might cost you the earth. Juno was created to bridge the gap, giving parents an affordable and accessible source of child healthcare. The result? Reassurance in moments.

What are the benefits?

Juno is built with a variety of versatile features to make children’s health the top priority. 

It’s easy. With a smooth signup process and accessible interface, Juno could not be more effortless to use. It is streamlined and simple to maneuver, giving parents the clarity they need.

It’s secure. Juno’s private messaging and image sharing system are safe for every parent to use. Each conversation or query with a medical specialist is handled with the utmost care and attention.

It’s accessible. Getting guidance from a specialist medical professional isn’t always the quickest or cheapest process. However, Juno gives their users access to an entire network of reliable UK qualified paediatricians, from their phone.

It’s manageable. You can add any medical history or allergies to your child’s profile, providing the medical specialist a better chance of giving the best advice. All previous conversations are also made available for you to access at any time.

What do I do now?

Anything you like. But if you’re a parent in need of guidance, then Juno might be a good place to start. You can signup and download today on IOS.

Download Juno now.

5 Tips to make parenthood easier

COVID-19 has had a profound impact on every aspect of our lives: jobs, families, mental well-being and everything in between. For those with young children at home, parenting during COVID-19 has become a balancing act, magnifying the worries and pressure we put on ourselves as parents. As it turns out, there is no right answer or right way to be a parent during a global pandemic, just ways of making parenthood easier.

This blog has no intention to preach, but puts forward a few ideas that might be useful.

1. Speak to other parents

During such a severe isolation period brought on by COVID-19, it is so important to step out of your four walls and talk with other parents. Sharing your concerns and queries with other parents in a similar position is a great way to reduce stress, as well as a way of exchange tips on looking after your small child. 

Image by Adrian Swancar – Unsplash.

What are the rules now anyway!?

2. Keep up the routine

Now is not the time for crazy, experimental and new routines for your young one. Keeping a reliable routine is a great way of reading your child’s behaviour and having consistency to your day. However, in a household with multiple kids of different ages, holding a routine is almost impossible. Never be discouraged and keep things flexible.

3. Make time for yourself

Parenting is a physically and mentally draining experience unlike anything else. It is essential we prioritize our own time so we can rest and recharge. Whether it’s spending time on your own, or perhaps dipping back into a hobby you momentarily pushed aside, we need to take care of ourselves first to give the very best care for our young child.

4. Go outside

The constant changes in COVID restrictions can be hard to follow and sometimes overwhelming. What are the rules now anyway?! Going for a walk on your own or even as a family is a brilliant way to refresh your mind, get a little exercise and break the tedium of life under one roof. 

Image by Daiga Ellaby – Unsplash.
Image by Carolyn V – Unsplash.
Juno app contact specialist screen.

5. Trust technology

With the emergence of the Medtech industry, there are now multiple ways to make parenthood easier than ever before. New and innovative apps like Juno are giving parents a helping hand with their child’s health. In a matter of minutes, Juno connects parents to highly qualified paediatricians to give guidance and put their minds at ease.

Download now.